Rudy the Amazon parrot

Cats stuck in trees aren’t that rare. Hawk and owl rescues are less common. Today’s “Help, my _____ is stuck in a tree!” phone call was definitely one of the least common. Christine, of Frederick, called needing us to get her Amazon parrot, Rudy, who had been on the run for several days.

Rudy didn’t want to cooperate,  flying tree to tree and hanging on for dear life. Mike ultimately ended up climbing three different trees, but after a while was able to catch Rudy, and Rudy and Christine were reuinted.

Meanwhile, on the ground, I got to take pictures of Christine’s other animals — a pair of goats named Samson and Delilah, and two dachshunds whose names I didn’t catch. Also, another parrot, Kiwi, who thankfully stayed on the ground.

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  1. Wow…you guys didn’t waste anytime coming to Rudy’s rescue, nor to post about today’s adventure. I know I thanked you guys a 100 times but I am going to say it again…THANK YOU! I have my baby home and that is because of you guys. She did a lot of eating and drinking and even more sleeping today but my girl was back to normal by evening and that warms my heart. I just couldn’t imagine my house without her sounds!!! I love the picture of her flying, although I don’t care to see that occur ever again!

    Samson and Delilah enjoyed the attention they got from you and said if you ever want to come visit again, come on over but please bring them some leaves. The two doxie’s you got pictures of are Roscoe and Stewart, the good ole…sorry, I meant old….boys! And finally, Kiwi the Quaker, always the one looking so innocent and well-behaved but let me tell you, she is anything but innocent and well-behaved.

    I owe you guys big time, but then again, I think I paid up by being the only one to get bit today, saving you three from the pain…it really hurt! THANKS again – I really could not be any happier than I am right now!

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