Operating almost entirely on word-of-mouth referrals, we at Comprehensive Tree Care, Inc. have always considered quality work and customer satisfaction critical to our success. We consistently receive top marks from Consumers’ CHECKBOOK magazine, where as of March 2016, 94% of readers surveyed have rated our overall performance “superior.” Listed below are additional comments we’ve gotten from clients over the years:

Nancy F., April 2016:

Thanks so much for the detailed invoice and note.  Adam and Eric did a wonderful job!  The yard looks amazing!!!  We both really appreciate the hard work and look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future. 

Dan D., April 2016:

Thanks Mike. We appreciate the great job you guys did.

Peg S., March 2016:

We want to give Mike and his crew a 5 ***** rating for the work he completed. Mike responded within a couple of days and was able to cut down a tree and remove all of the debris. We are very pleased with CTC and will recommend the company to others.

Jackie B., Aug. 2015:

And I know that you know this, but I still need to say that your crew is fantastic!  Considerate & conscientious – to each other as well as the client, willing to educate and explain, safe and efficient, and just plain nice guys! 

Lisa B., Aug. 2015:

Thanks so much for the excellent work by your crew; the tree looks great, and as usual I am amazed by how quickly and cleanly your team works! We truly appreciate your time and the thoughtfulness by which you approach every job, large or small!

Steve C., June 2015:

Your guys did a great job. Very polite and professional. Great work as always, Mike. Cleanup was great and thorough. Thanks for all your help and speedy turn. You’re the best! 

Wayne D., June 2015:

As expected, you guys did a superb job of being both careful, and efficient. Thanks again.

Richard N., May 2015:

Mike, great improvement! You have a great team!

MaryBeth M., Dec. 2014,

Thank you for your prompt and professional service.

Lee S., Dec. 2014

Job completed… everything done as per proposal… especially impressed with quality of your troops… cooperative, polite & professional, not to mention leaving a clean & spotless work site behind – they’re great representatives of your company!

Feel free to use us for a reference should you so desire.

Jennifer D., Dec. 2014:

You do extremely nice work! It’s like that tree never existed.

From Mike O., Nov. 2014:

That was fast! Thanks for getting it all done so quickly and for cleaning it all up.

From Nina C., Nov. 2014:

Thanks for keeping our trees and bushes in check!

From Tim D., Nov. 2014:

Thanks for the good job and please use us as a reference if you would like.

From Mike O., Nov. 2014:

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for getting it done so quickly and for cleaning  it all up. They look great.

From Marcia D., Aug. 2014:

Thank you, Mike.  I am very pleased with your crew’s work.

From Jim W., May 2014:

Magnificent job, Mike… thanks so much… and huge thanks to the guys for taking such great care with the neighbors car in my driveway.

From Lynn C., May 2014:

I met Jason this afternoon and his crew.  Was very pleased with all the work done and the advice Jason gave me on some other trees on the property.
Thanks again for your prompt service and great job!

From Michael M., May 2014:

Many thanks for the quick receipt and for your expert work – it’s most appreciated.

From Sylvia F., April 2014:

Many thanks. The trees look great and the men took particular care with my Dawn Redwood.

From Michele G., April 2014:

Looks great. Thank you!

From Dana P., March 2014:

Now that all the snow has melted you can think about cleaning up those damaged trees from this harsh winter.  Please think about giving my neighbor a shout for your needs.  They took down two trees in our yard yesterday.  Great Job, Great Crew!  I am another satisfied customer!!!

From Pete M., Jan. 2014:

Hi Michael,

Thank you so much, it looks great – Jason did a fabulous job.

From Judith M., July 2013:

Thanks for your prompt assistance, for a job well-done, and for your good humor.  The buyers said that they were very pleased with the job. 

From Kathy C., Jan. 2013:

Hi Mike,

 Thank you so much for driving out to Balto. yesterday to rescue Midnight!  He is safe and warm with his owner, and she is so happy to have him back.

 Tree Cat Rescue has a posting on their web site about Midnight’s rescue and they mention your name. The link to their web page is below if you’d like to check it out (you have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom of the page to see the posting).

 Thank you again!  🙂

From Wayne D., Jan. 2013:


Really appreciate the care and respect the guys give our new house. My wife and I enjoyed our lunch while we watched as they were coordinating a limb removal on the cherry tree. Very cool. 

From Jane C., Jan. 2012:


Your guys did a GREAT job! Thanks.

From Dawn S., Jan. 2012:

Michael — Your crew did a great job… Thanks again for the prompt response and good work.

From Amy H., Jan. 2012:


Thank you so much to you and your team. The tree looks spectacular! Thank you so much. 

I am glad to write a reference if you ever need one

From Jeannie T., Nov. 2011:

Dear Michael,

Your crew was here and did a fantastic job. They were prompt, courteous, did good work, cleared the the yard of twigs, and blew the pathway clean of leaves… Thank you for such great service. I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends.

From Dan G. and Diane H., July 2011:

Hi Mike,

The trees look great, and we appreciate your attention to detail! Please feel free to use us as a reference for potential customers.

From Richard P., Jan. 2011:

Mike- Jason and Adam did an excellent job today! Thanks for a job well-done.

From Carol C., Oct. 2010:

Your guys did great work, and the neighbors report you to be a friendly group too, thanks again!

From Alice S. and Tom B., Oct. 2010:

Your guys did an AWESOME job today. They did you proud! Hard working, incredibly well organized, left our garden clean as a whistle. Thank you for slipping us into your busy schedule, and please thank the guys.

From Rich T., Aug. 2010:


Your team did a very commendable job; we especially appreciated the backyard raking to clean up the many chips that had flown about from the stump grinding… I really appreciate you removing the additional limbs from the maple out front. Looks outstanding!

From Ann L., March 2010:

I really appreciate what a good job you and your crew did. It was thorough enough to disappoint my border collie… she couldn’t find any sticks of sufficient size to play with!

From Crystal R., March 2010:

Thank you SO much for your work! Everything looks great… Thank you again!

From Sylvia F., March 2010:

Dear Mike: I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the work you and your men did for me last year. Despite five feet of snow in places and heavy winds because of my location, I only lost one relatively minor limb off of one of my pine trees. The garden looks great for its ordeal! I think it is proof that if you feed and prune the garden properly, strong weather is not really a threat. Many thanks!

From Mickey B., March 2010:

Hello Mike,

Thank you so much! Jason and Adam did a great job on everything and particularly on the magnolia!

From Tina and Andy B., April 2008:

Dear Michael:

When we look for services to be provided for our home, autos or any other type
of service we look for someone who will provide value and honesty and pride of
their work. You scored 100%, 3 for 3. We were so impressed with your people,
your work and the value you provided.

Please do not hesitate to use our name, if someone requests a reference. We
will do that in a heartbeat.

Thank you for restoring our faith, that there are honest people providing pride in their work and value to their customers.