Red-shouldered Hawk Re-nesting in Columbia, Md.

Today we went to Columbia and helped Suzanne Shoemaker of Owl Moon Raptor Center reunite Diego, a Red-shouldered Hawk, with his siblings.

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  1. Mike and Adam Fried, Jason Beach, and all the folks at Comprehensive Tree Care are the best! They have helped Owl Moon Raptor Center innumerable times by returning baby hawks and owls to their nests (thereby reuniting them with their parents), and rescuing raptors from entanglement in monofiliment fishing line high in trees. They answer our call for help EVERY TIME! and ask for nothing in return. We love our Tree Guys!

    PS. They are also very knowledgable about trees and tree care! They have taught us a lot about trees and will do excellent work for you. Please call them for all your tree needs!

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